Learn to Trust your Intuition

💕 2019 Notes to Self ☝

Have you ever had that ‘gut feeling’ that warned you about something, or someone, but you ignored it, and regretted it later?

Or in hindsight, have you ever wished you had listened to that ‘inner voice’ that told you to ‘go for it’ ~ but instead you allowed fear or doubt to hold you back?

I used to do this a lot, but more and more I am learning to trust that what I am thinking or feeling is a reliable instinct, and I should stop second-guessing myself and do whatever brings me joy, passion, or excitement!

Now this doesn’t mean we shirk off our responsibilities and things that don’t stir up those positive emotions (ie clean the cat’s litter, poop & scoop in the local park, shovel the driveway — you know what i mean Vern?) Those things need to be done whether we like it or not. Adulting is hard sometimes, right?! 😛

Trust your ‘inner voice’ — and learn to be discerning — as well as nurture it into becoming your go-to for advice.

Besides, nobody knows you, better than you, right?

And if you don’t know who you are, well scroll back to the top and get to work 😉

Self-love is worth it. Trust yourself 💖
#optimistic #positive #BeYou #BeYourBest #LoveMakesTheWorldGoRound
#transformation #diligence #dontevergiveup #persevere #neversurrender #hope #faith #riseabove #youcandoit #iknowyoucan #buildyourdreams
#loveyourself #selflove

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