Peace – what is it – and how do we achieve it within?

☯️ The practice of meditation helps with the achievement of this goal.

Photo taken at Stuart Lake, BC – August 2016

Meditation does not mean that your mind has complete silence. It encompasses the practice of learning how to process the negative thoughts and emotions, in the stillness.

It is impossible for the mind to be completely blank, so don’t be concerned with this. A blank mind is NOT the goal!

Every morning before rising from my bed, I take the time to meditate and process. I allow whatever thoughts come to me — and then I ask myself if there’s a lesson to be learned from this? Is this something that I need to continue pondering, or am I better off to toss this in the discard bin?

If it is a difficult thought, memory, or emotion, I will do some deep breathing while reminding myself that I am completely in control of how I deal with these moments, and that I am safe and protected in that very moment.

🌺 Sample: Deep inhale – “I am safe in this moment”.
Slow exhale: “I will allow this fear and pain to leave me for it does me no good to hold onto it.”
Inhale: “All is well in this moment.”
Exhale: “My painful memories are behind me….”

💚 Always end on a positive thought, and continue this comforting breathing until you feel warm and safe and ready to get on with your day, with a fresh start.

Quite often our emotions are attached to irrational fears, based on memories of things that may have happened to us in the past, or fear that this will occur (again). Just BE in the moment, push out the negative with every deep exhale — and inhale thoughts of memories and images that bring you comfort and joy.

With practice, this process will become easier — and after a while it will become your ‘go-to’ for all difficult moments.

May peace be with you all,
Namaste ☯️
{Melissa Dawn Roy-Hiller}
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