Bears along the Alaska Highway

A couple of weeks ago I took a week-long road-trip to the Yukon — and along the way I saw some amazing wildlife.

I conjured images in my mind of the things that I wanted to manifest into existence, allowing me to experiment with my new camera. (Nikon P1000 with superzoom!)

My camera arrived a couple of days before we departed, smackdab in the middle of canning tomatoes and cukes – so needless to say, I had zero time to get myself acquainted with this beauty. The only camera I’ve had for the last decade is on my phone so to say it’s been a crash-course in photography would be an understatement!

All in all, I’m fairly satisfied with my beginner shots, and I learned a lot of things in the process — namely what NOT to do — but c’est la vie! Better luck next time, right?!

Essentially, patience is the name of the game when it comes to capturing the perfect image of most wildlife. The bears that we saw along the highway were either very skittish and shy and ran away, or they were extremely engrossed in their evening meal of clover and didn’t give a damn about ‘voguing’ for my lens.

Here are a few of my favourite bear images —

Finally — this bear showed me it’s face!

These black bears that I’ve photographed were all happily munching away on clover and didn’t seem the least bit phased by us, or other passersby.

It was finally time for us both to carry on with our evening agendas……
Good night Mr Bear — Thank you for gracing us with your presence!

A word of caution regarding these seemingly docile bears.
They can move faster than you think, and they have extremely long, sharp claws that can tear into your flesh like it’s melted butter.
They are preparing their bodies for a long winter of hibernation, so while they appear to be ignoring you, they are very aware of your presence, and truthfully do not want to be disturbed.

Do not get out of your vehicle to capture the perfect photograph! Many people have regretted this decision.

What to do if you encounter a bear?

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