Bison of the Northern Rockies

We were blessed with the opportunity to see this herd of wild bison on both trips along the Alaska Highway — on the way to the Yukon, and back again.

I didn’t realize how rare this sighting was until we asked several fellow travellers if they saw them and they all said NO!

I guess it was our lucky days…..

These babies do an awful lot of walking each day, very protected by the herd.
Side-note: I was surprised by how much they resemble beef calves….

Even though they appear friendly, I did not even consider getting out my vehicle, and you’ll see that I didn’t have to! These buffalo were not in the least bit frightened of us, and we maintained as healthy a distance away from them as we could —

It was a great trip, and a very surreal experience to have the honour of spending so much time in the presence of these spectacular beasts.

I’m extremely grateful for these memories 🥰

For more info about these glorious beasts — visit this link:

I sat quietly and my patience paid off. This baby chose not to hide behind it’s mother, allowing for a perfect video and photo opportunity!
This one didn’t want us to leave……or maybe this was a warning to get a move on? lol

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