Emerald Lake, Yukon Territory

The positive powers of Manifestation helped create this wonderful opportunity for me. Ask . Believe . Receive —it works!

I really wanted to take this trip, but I didn’t do extensive research to see what to expect, so needless to say, this beautiful lake was an amazing surprise! If you ever get to travel to the north, take a little side-trip along this stretch of highway. There’s much to see!

I encourage you not to set rigid timing in your itinerary, enabling you to explore the areas that you’ll stumble upon.

These photos were taken along the side of the highway, so if you choose to travel along the South Klondike Highway, you will drive past this beautiful lake. If you get lucky enough to get there early and view it before the wind comes up, you won’t be sorry!

Emerald Lake is a lake in the southern Yukon, notable for its intense green color. It is located on the South Klondike Highway at kilometer 117.5 (mile 73.5), measured from Skagway, Alaska. The color derives from light reflecting off white deposits of marl, a mixture of clay and calcium carbonate,[1] at the bottom of the shallow waters.[2][3]

The high concentration of calcium carbonate in the water here comes from limestone gravels eroded from the nearby mountains and deposited here 14,000 years ago by the glaciers of the last ice age. Glacial erosion was likewise responsible for scooping out the shallow lakebed.[2]

Natural hypoxic conditions during the summer may contribute to carbonate deposition and marl formation.[3]

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emerald_Lake_(Yukon)

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