Be your own solution ~ grow your own food!

World Food Day — The fact that we even need to consider the plausibility of food shortages — while supermarkets, retail stores, and restaurants are tossing away leftovers at an alarming rate — is literally appalling. {FOOD WASTE – Watch an episode of Hell’s Kitchen and you’ll see very quickly what I’m talking about!!}

While many claim to have solutions on a national or global scale, (which is great, so don’t get me wrong here), we do need to take some responsibility for ourselves.

Food reliance is inherited. We all need nutrition in order to function — however, with the assistance of medical and chemical intervention, humans are capable of surviving for long periods with very little ‘health’ food consumed.

Ask yourself —

  • How healthy are your food choices?
  • How much do you take food for granted?
  • Are you aware of how your food is produced — what it’s exposed to during the process?
  • What sorts of toxins are the farm aids are exposed to — or how little are they paid for their part in the current food chain?
  • Where does the water come from that is watering many crops? And better yet — what’s in it?
  • Where does your drinking water come from?
  • What are industrial food crops fertilized with — and how beneficial is it to my overall well-being?
  • What am I exposing myself and my loved ones to while I am donating our income to the greed that is devouring our health at an alarming rate?
  • How much household money is wasted on the foods that are contributing to world-wide disease, malnutrition, and suffering?

As you can see……I put a great deal of thought behind the ‘STUFF’ that I choose to spend my income on.

We are the sum of our choices

Sad, but true. And while many will become defensive — and whine and blame, and whine and blame, and whine and blame…..bla bla bla………I challenge you to get honest with yourself, and take responsibility.

If we continue to point fingers at others, we are ignoring the ONLY person we are capable of controlling. {Go look in the mirror}

The valid solutions are a personal choice

I personally find it heartbreaking that there are people that don’t have the ability to appreciate a good, home-cooked meal. Many have been raised on convenience items, concocted of little more than chemical waste and by-products, processed beyond all recognition, and all too often irradiated in today’s handy-gadgets — otherwise known as microwaves. There’s a very good reason why I don’t own one.

I feel very blessed that my grandfather was a farmer, and that he chose to not only follow in his ancestors footsteps, but passed down a love of fresh vegetables and berries, a healthy respect and appreciation of livestock, and a palate for organic goodness.

Some of my fondest memories are of days spent on the farm, working the land alongside my grandparents, learning to identify weeds — even eating a few! ‘Lambs quarters’ anyone?

My grandmother was a homemaker during the years of my life, and I always looked forward to sharing time with her in her kitchen, helping to roll out the pie dough and cookies — knead the bread by hand — stir the cake batter (and lick the spoon!)

I’ve made it my life’s goal to create a similar lifestyle, and raise my own family on home-grown, home-cooked meals, and with any luck I will be able to entice my own future generations to take control of where their food comes from, and perhaps grow some of their own!

Place the seed into the soil……water, sunlight — and repeat!

I won’t go too deep into details here since this post was mainly about awareness and personal choices — but a great place to begin is by training your own palate to enjoy properly grown and prepared fresh veggies and fruits, and passing along this opportunity to the wee ones in your life (your own or otherwise).

Children love to watch seeds sprout — and they love feeding worms! — so collect those fresh food scraps, pile them in a corner of your yard, and allow nature to work it’s magic! Before you know it, your composted items become a nutrient dense soil (with the assistance of some amazing earth worms) — enabling you to grow some foods of your own!

My Fave Links of Inspiration:

Harrowsmith Magazine

Square Foot Gardening:

Composting (&more)
One of the more gratifying and useful household experiences, composting (coupled with recycling) reduces your garbage to practically nothing. A simple garbage can with holes in the sides makes a fine composter. Keep it moist. Earthworms speed up the process and eliminate having to turn the compost as it becomes black gold.

How to grow your own snacks!

Carpe Diem peeps! Seize the Day xo

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