2020 Mission Goals

Last year, I made ‘self-empowerment’ one of my main focuses, and will continue to do so this year.

There was a time (not that long ago), when I could barely look myself in the eye, and couldn’t speak kind words to my reflection without breaking down. In those crippling, tear-laden moments, I realized that the only person that can fix this, is ME!

It’s not easy, and has required much alone time, periods spent in silence and solace — creating a safe little cocoon around me so I could reflect on why I hurt so deeply — and what changes would I like to see within myself?

These personal changes created a ripple effect. When you begin to hold your head a little higher (void of all ego trippin’), people around you will notice. Your tribe of supporters will embrace and encourage you. Focus on that, and keep looking forward.

Try not to worry about who is left behind. That’s been a big obstacle for me. The sting of rejection has always been extremely difficult so I have had to find ways to not hurt over the ‘fallout’.

I tell myself — “You are finally being YOU — the REAL you — and anyone that is meant to be with you in life, will love this, admire this, encourage this, and embrace this alongside you”.

Sometimes I don’t even realize how far I’ve come until I take a few moments to reflect on past posts, and past journal entries.

So long as you focus on loving yourself with the same intensity as you love others around you, you will strike that perfect balance, and achieve inner peace.

It’s a life-long journey…..xo
Melissa Dawn Roy-Hiller
#perfexioninmotion – my self-love project.

What’s around the corner? Keep moving……you’ll find out!

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