Are you an introvert, or are you an Empath, like me?

This is why I thoroughly enjoy my alone time so much. This article explains ME to a T.

I retreat to avoid overwhelm of my emotions.
I retreat to rebalance myself after being around others.
I retreat so I can silence the world around me, and gain control of my own emotions.
I retreat so I can think my own thoughts.
I retreat so I can nurture my own soul.

I don’t hate people, and I am not anti-social due to selfishness.
If you hurt, I hurt. If I see someone, or some-thing struggling, I will struggle.
If I witness outrage and anger, I absorb that negative energy and feel myself becoming frustrated and irritated, and I know I need to be alone to unwind the chaos, and free myself.

I used to think there was something really wrong with me.
I used to think I was weird, unusual, and mentally unwell because I didn’t understand why I was feeling so many emotions that didn’t make sense because I wasn’t going through a particularly rough time in a personal sense.

It turns out I was witnessing the emotions of others, and experiencing them internally.

I now shirk off the labels. I am me. And I love and embrace every sensitive particular of my soul.

Give me space. When I am healed, I will come back around.
–Melissa xo

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