No matter how far you’ve gone, you can always turn around….

Ya know, I whole-heartedly believe this. I honestly do believe that if a person wants it bad enough, they have the power within themselves to make those positive changes.

Don’t guilt yourself forever, for that sort of negativity leads to further ‘doom and gloom’ thoughts, perpetuating the negative self-worth that is the protagonist behind much of what we trip over.

If you have a desire to change, take baby steps. Take each day moment by moment. In this moment, I will think one happy thought — then envision yourself wherever you may want to be. Then do it over and over again as each moment passes and with consistency, your healthy habits will develop and automatically kick-in whenever you need it the most.

Is it easy? NO. But it can be done. It begins with a choice to do so, and some positive, supportive friends.

I found social media to be the perfect place to find the positive messages that I needed, and it led me to some like-minded individuals that were looking for more optimism and joy in their lives also.

Don’t keep trudging in a straight line if you know it’s not going to lead you where you want to be. Turn around, and seize self empowerment.

 I know you can do it!

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