Deliver your inner child unto you

I stumbled upon this today, and by stumbled – I mean the universe directed me here. I have been seeing repeating 6’s, and this morning, I saw 5 6’s in a row, so of course this has to mean that there’s a message there for me. AND WOW… powerful it brought tears to my soul….but anyway, as I scrolled to the bottom of that page, I saw this link —

And again….WOW.

I am always taken aback when I come across someone that chooses to live their life so openly that they have the capacity to share bits and pieces of their ‘history’, such as this……
It is very healing to release, and if you’re like me, you know this, but you don’t know HOW to go about it? —

With some research, and meditation practices, and plenty of silent solitude, I’ve been able to tap into my inner essence, and release my ‘truth and secrets’ — the stuff too embarrassing, or too painful to share with anyone else, for fear of disbelief, judgment, or rejection. I had to find ways to lay that aside — so not easy when you’ve spent decades holding onto secrets that you fear will rock your life in ways that you feel you will never recover from.

So I had to ask…..why I am so fearful of this stuff?

1 – It hurts to lose people that you love and care for so deeply. Sometimes that pain is crippling.

2 – The reality of the situation will cause others discomfort, and being a person that never wants to hurt anyone – well, I guess it’s easier for me to hold onto it myself, rather than bring anger or pain to someone else. I don’t believe in an ‘eye for an eye’……or the exposing of skeletons for revenge, – or for justification of why we are who we are —

3 – It hurts to face it, so just push, push, PUSH it down, to a place so deep and dark and desolate, praying it never resurfaces again —

But ya know what?! That doesn’t work.

I urge you…..very strongly urge you… find a quiet place to sit with your painful memories. Reach out to others that you know have experienced similar traumas or adversities — [social media has been extremely healing for me!] Use it for good. Use it for your soul’s benefit — Use it with purpose and intention!!

[If you’re able to read this message, you have truly been guided here for this exact purpose — the Divine beings of the Universe are on your side, and they are helping you to see that you are not alone in your darkness.]

Seek out positive messages daily. Create yourself a personal album somewhere — on your computer, phone, FB, or wherever you feel comfortable — and save those images and messages to be referred back to whenever necessary. Or take it one step further and create yourself a little secret group and stash resource links and images, and “notes to self” in there. These secret places are great for unloading, and they’re private — nobody knows they exist unless you bring them in!

Learn to trust in your intuition.

I used to ‘hear’ all sorts of thoughts and messages in my head, from my gut, and I convinced myself (with the help of some really unhealthy therapists), that I was maybe a little off my rocker, if you know what I mean? If you experience dejavu on a regular basis, or you just have a ‘feeling’, or premonitions that later come true — please seek out some trusted spiritual advisors. You can find a lot of info for FREE – don’t go for broke while seeking solace. It is not necessary, and it won’t bring you what you need, especially if part of your anxiety revolves around financial issues already. Again, just use your gut, trust in yourself, and you will be drawn to the ‘right‘ place.

Ask . Believe . Receive

AFFIRMATIONS — Find what resonates with you, and adopt some healthy, positive affirmations for yourself.

It will feel awkward at first. Like really, really freaking awkward, and when you speak them aloud (which I still sometimes struggle with), the words may get lodged in your chest, or throat…and you may cry — THAT IS NORMAL!! This is the key to understanding and accepting that your inner child needs YOUR NURTURING AND CARE.

Which brings me to my final thought for today —


The inner child hides in silence, too afraid to step into the light, for reasons I explained above. That inner child craves love….deep, penetrating, unconditional nurturing and comfort. Imagine yourself at that tender age when the first painful memory comes to the forefront. See that child before you. Imagine that child has come to your front door, ringing the door bell, seeking asylum — requesting your help. Open the door, reach out your hand, and let that child into your sacred space.

Walk your child around, showing off your rooms and collections of amazing trinkets that you’ve collected over the years — anything that a child would find fascinating (which is why you’ve been drawn to collecting most things anyway!) They bring comfort to look at, see, and behold!

Is your child cold? Run a nice, warm bath. Add some salts, favourite fragrances (frankincense, lavender, whatever you love…)….maybe even a handful of tea herbs, or flowers from your garden — Allow that child to feel the warmth…. Wrap your child in a nice, fluffy towel, and give your child a hug.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

When we take a step back and envision that wounded part of us as a separate entity, we can realize that this inner child is no longer who we are — and when we take the necessary, nurturing steps to help this child to heal, we are actually healing our-self.

What are some other things that have helped me?

Take a few minutes to listen to some soft music. Listen to some guided meditations at bedtime — there are some wonderful videos on youtube and I have linked to some in my albums. They really do help a lot, and you will fall asleep, listening to these positive voices with their positive messages, absorbing them into your subconscious where they will be utilized in ways you may not even be aware of!

Take the time to walk your healing pathways… in the Divine energies that are all around us, and deep within…..and if you really want it bad enough (and commit to this self-comfort process), you will feel deep gratitude.

Write your intentions down. Remember to breathe.
Most of all — remember that you are Divine Love!

Peace, Love, & Unity,
Melissa xo

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