Who Am I?

I’m a peace-freak, nature-nut, tree-hugger, daisy-lovin’, modern-day-hippy, with an obsession for Total Body Wellness and Toxin-Free Living!

I love gardening (growing my own herbs, vegetables, and beautiful flowers), cooking with organic-clean ingredients, healing with essential oils, and learning something new each and every day!!  Right now I’m totally smitten with crystals and raw gems….so beautiful, don’t you agree?

This blog’s about my journey, from scratch to blissful eternity ❤

I don’t pretend to know it all, but I’ll share what I believe in, and hope you’ll stick around to join me!

I’m also on a mission to transform lives by teaching self-love, and promoting that outwards, creating a ripple effect—-cuz why not?  We could all use a little more love in our lives…..Yes??!! 💖

Love & Peace – Hope & Faith,

Mistress Destiny aka Melissa Dawn Hiller xo

Creating My Own Destiny FB

Perfexion In Motion FB

Where it all began…..88 acres of bliss.


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